Software Qualities

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June 14, 2013 by huionn

    • Conceptual Integrity
    • Maintainability
    • Reusability
    • Availability
    • Interoperability
    • Manageability
    • Performance
    • Reliability
    • Scalability
    • Security
    • Supportability
    • Testability
    • Usability

I always think conceptual integrity is the core of software architecture, but quite an abstract concept. The article explains quite well about what is conceptual integrity.

Conceptual integrity defines the consistency and coherence of the overall design. This includes the way that components or modules are designed, as well as factors such as coding style and variable naming. A coherent system is easier to maintain because you will know what is consistent with the overall design. Conversely, a system without conceptual integrity will constantly be affected by changing interfaces, frequently deprecating modules, and lack of consistency in how tasks are performed.


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