Chrome Freezes for over 10 seconds

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March 8, 2013 by huionn

Whenever I access my website after my computer startup, the chrome always freezes for over 10 seconds. This issue does not happen on second access and is not found in other browsers.

This issue has troubled me for months until recently I found that it is caused by Flash plugin of chrome. The problem on my PC is solved after I disabled the Flash plugin. But I wonder how many computers out there will encounter the freeze if accessing my web site (it is a very bad user experience). In addition, I do not use Flash in the page and I am curious what trigger the loading of Flash plugin (I observed that the hard disk was accessed heavily during the freeze. So, I presume it is loading something.)

There are many guides to disable Flash plugin. This is one of them

As I found out finally, the real culprit is @font-face ( So, I have to remove all @font-face in my site.


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