How To Setup A Web Site

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September 26, 2011 by huionn

The first step of setting up a web site is to register a domain name. is a famous domain registrar. But I chose a local domain registrar ( which is cheaper for initial registration (with promotion) – RM69 for first 2 years.

As I found out later, does not include DNS management in the domain registration package while other local domain registrars do.

The second step is to find the web hosting (usually the domain registrar also provide web hosting services). At the moment, I just want to try and have no content to setup a proper website. Therefore I start with free Google Site

Google Sites provide a service to map the site (created in Google Sites) to our own URL, which mean we can access the site from our registered domain and the url remains in browser url bar. The steps are explained in

Unfortunately, there is an issue, does not provide free DNS management. Therefore I have to use third-party free DNS management service from After registration and some setup up (changing the DNS servers in exabytes,com to DNS servers), I configure the CNAME destination to

After everything were done, the propagation of DNS update to ISPs will take about 24-48 hours. So, within this period, the web site remains inaccessible from the domain URL.

The process is actually quite simple but I spent a few hours googling to compare the price and understand the concepts.


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