Enterprise Decision Making and Support

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January 30, 2011 by huionn

Recently I have been reading extensively on a few IT buzzwords – Enterprise Decision Management (EDM), Event-Driven Business Process Management (ed-BPM) and Business Intelligence 2.0. In my opinion, they are untapped Blue Ocean for IT systems in business organizations.

Although the terms are coined differently, to me, they share many fundamental similarities:

  1. They are leveraging on (or requiring) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for service orchestration and information aggregation (analogous to Web 2.0 mashup). SOA allows heterogeneous services to be integrated seamlessly.
  2. They provide either automated decision making (edBPM) or contextual information for decision support (BI 2.0) or both (EDM). In addition, they are knowledge-based and targeting on knowledge workers and business users.
  3. The different streams of data and information are being processed in near real-time with complex event processing.
  4. The outputs of processing are generally higher level events which will further trigger actions such as new business process, notification in SMS and highlight in outlying data in dashboard.
  5. The systems promote enterprise agility with declarative business rules. Therefore, they are flexible and adaptive to new business strategies.

Like other technologies, EDM, edBPM and BI 2.0 can give high ROI if done right.


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