Event Processing

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January 3, 2011 by huionn

I spent whole weekend to study event processing. There are Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Event Stream Processing (ESP). Over the years, both technologies have matured and evolved – and then converged into event processing, usually is known as CEP. Event processing itself has no much value to an enterprise. However when integrating with other enterprise applications (which serve as event producers), event processing can provide a lot of added values to existing applications. Information from different sources can be aggregated and matched to provide high level information in near real-time.

Features of event processing platform (Drools Fusion in particular):

  • point-in-time events (@duration(<attributeName>) =  0) and interval-based events (@duration(<attributeName>) > 0)
  • event expiry (@expires)
  • temporal reasoning: before, after, coincides, during, finishes, finishedBy, includes, meets, metBy, overlaps, overlappedBy, starts, startedBy
  • sliding window: sliding time window (window:time) and sliding length window (window:length), accumulating
  • accepting events from any source with MVEL expression

Reasons for using event driven computing systems

  • Real-Time operational behaviour – actions are taken when event patterns are matched
  • Observation – notification are sent by monitoring system
  • Information dissemination – information aggregation and filtering
  • Active diagnostics – such as helpdesk system
  • Predictive processing – such as fraud detection

Use cases of event processing, event driven architecture, etc:

  • Business process management and automation (process monitoring, BAM, reporting exceptions, operational intelligence)
  • Finance (algorithmic trading, fraud detection, risk management) – most common use case
  • Network and application monitoring (intrusion detection, SLA monitoring)
  • Sensor network applications (RFID reading, scheduling and control of fabrication lines, air traffic)
  • Location-based services and context awareness
  • Border security radiation detection
  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Logistics and scheduling
  • Detecting unauthorized use of heavy machinery
  • Hospital patient and asset tracking
  • Activity monitoring for tax and fraud detection
  • Intelligent customer relationship management in banking
  • Event-driven architecture and asynchronous business process management
  • (BPM) in retail
  • Situation awareness in energy utilities
  • Situation awareness in airlines
  • Reducing cost of injection therapy
  • Next generation navigation
  • Real-time management of hazardous materials
  • Finding anomalies in retail point of sales
  • Monitoring the behaviour of the elderly

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