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July 19, 2010 by huionn

I read these stories before…
This is the procedure adopted by circus trainers to ensure that elephants never rebel.

When still a baby, the elephant is tethered by a very thick rope to a stake firmly hammered into the ground. The elephant tries several times to get free, but it lacks the strength to do so.

After a year, the stake and the rope are still strong enough to keep a small elephant tethered, although it continues to try, unsuccessfully, to get free. At this point, the animal realizes that the rope will always be too strong and so it gives up.

When it reaches adulthood, the elephant can still remember how, for a long time, it had wasted its energies trying to escape captivity. At this stage, the trainer can tether the elephant with a slender thread tied to a broom handle, and the elephant will make no attempt to escape to freedom.
can jump extremely high. Several times higher than the limit of a jar.

When a flea is caught, it is put in a jar. When the lid is on the jar, the flea jumps and hits its head and is unable to get out of the jar.

The flea will try jumping over and over again, each time hitting the lid of the jar. Until the flea learns that the flea start to jump almost to the lid, but not quite. It has learnt to jump only this high, because they have learnt that beyond that it is futile. Whenever the flea jumps, it just doesn’t quite hit the top.

What happens we take the lid off? The flea still does not jump beyond the height of the lid.

It has learnt.

It has set an imaginary limit.

In an experiment, piranha were placed in a large tank separated from their food by a see thorough glass divider.

After several days of ramming heads against the glass, the piranha learnt that it was futile effort.

The glass wall was then removed.

However, the piranha had learnt to stop trying.

They starved to death while swimming freely in a place where there was food available.

This is what I saw before. A ant was blocked in the hole of a dumbbell plate for unknown period. (I think) Initially, it kept trying to find an exit until it finally realized that there was no exit.

After I removed the dumbbell plate, the ant just kept crawling in circle although there was no more obstacle around it.


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