No Silver Bullet

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May 5, 2010 by huionn

Today I used this famous phase – No Silver Bullet by Fred Brooks for expectation management of my manager. I hope he won’t expect ten-fold of productivity gain by adopting a new development platform.

On the contrary, most productivity gains happen after a team has mastered the platform in practice and known how to use the platform effectively.

A good framework provides gradual learning curve. Simple problem can be solved by simple solution. Difficult problem requires more in-depth knowledge to solve.

Make the simple things simple and hard things possible

Many commercial products make simple things simpler (as it is nice to see during demo – such as automatic code generation and drag & drop UI designer), but hard things much harder (or even impossible) (for e.g., you can’t customize the generated code, so you have to rewrite the code manually). Unfortunately, this can only be discovered after locked-in of the vendor product.


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