New Beginning

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April 30, 2010 by huionn

Next week, I will start a new job as solution architect. According to the interviewer, I will be wholly responsible for migrating existing system to a new platform.

From my past failure in system migration, it is hard to achieve expectation of management in system migration. It is easy to underestimate the challenges in migration.

To overcome this…

i) expectation management – to provide a realistic or slightly pessimistic planned schedule by taking all uncertainties into consideration

ii) incremental development and deployment – to ensure the migration is still on the right path by getting feedbacks

iii) knowledge of existing system and its limitations – to add values to migration

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail”

As I was told, my first task is going to propose an architecture/platform in a proposal.

At the moment, without any understanding about the existing system, I am planning to propose

(ROO) + BPM (jBPM) + AOP* (AspectJ)

ROO uses a lot of open source libraries and frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate. Those acronyms should sound exciting enough for technical people.

Can this be called architecture?

Application contains of static classes for entities, controllers, services and JSP, JSF etc.

Process contains of dynamic flow of business process.

Aspect is for cross cutting concern such as security (authorization and authentication), logging and audit trails.

One missing part is integration with external system. I think it is supposed to be based on HL7 messaging… There is Apache Camel which support HL7 out of box…


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